Knowledge Management and High Performance in Uganda’s Financial Institutions

  • Janatti Kyogabiirwe Bagorogoza Department of Human Resources, Makerere University Business School
  • Musa Moya Department of Business Computing, Makerere University Business School
Keywords: Knowledge management, the HPO framework, high performance, financial institutions, Uganda


Purpose: – The purpose of this paper is to report the findings of the mediation effect of the high performance organisation (HPO) framework in the relationship between knowledge management and high performance.

Design/methodology/approach: – The study adopts a cross-sectional design and quantitative approach to collect data which was used to answer the study objectives.

Findings: – The high performance framework had a significant positive effect on high performance while knowledge management (KM) had direct and indirect positive effect on high performance, through the partial mediation of HPO framework. This suggests that the HPO framework has an effect in the improvement of the level of performance in financial institutions (FIs).

Research limitations/implications: –The study was cross-sectional which is limited to trace long- term effects of knowledge management and the HPO framework on high performance. Therefore, a longitudinal study may be undertaken. The study was also quantitative which limited the in-depth understanding of KM aspects in the FIs, in this case a qualitative approach could be better. The inability to obtain analytical and local literature on HPO framework and high performance limited this study. .

Practical implications: The study strengthens knowledge management as a key strategy for Managers to use in FIs to improve performance and the HPO framework as a gateway to build high performance organisations.

Originality/value: The study generates empirical evidence on less studied phenomena knowledge management in the FIs. The evidence highlights the powerful influence of the HPO framework in improving organisational performance based on knowledge management..